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17/08/18: Another milestone for First Class Legal

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On 17th of August 2018, First Class Legal became the first legal or conveyancing firm to lodge 1000 Transfers electronically!


31/08/17: Selling or buying a property over $750,000? Have a look at this video

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26/07/17: Owner Builder works

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This is a most misunderstood area of law. When you are selling, the key is to DISCLOSE owner builder works done in the last 7 years. If you don’t, a purchaser can walk away from the sale right up to settlement time (or use the non-disclosure to ratchet the agreed price down). This is potentially disastrous! If in doubt, ask us. We have an Information Sheet which we can send you. This is an informational […]


20/07/17: Check out our ever-growing team

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Why leave the sale or purchase of your property to a single operator business (or even a small team) when you can have a team this size look after you?? No need to worry if someone is sick or on holidays….we have staff at each of our 5 offices throughout Melbourne every business day of the year. Contact Us or call 1300 956 321.  


15/06/17: The state of the property at settlement

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Watch our latest informational video on the state of the property at settlement – the cause of a lot of grief at settlement time