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20/07/17: Check out our ever-growing team

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Why leave the sale or purchase of your property to a single operator business (or even a small team) when you can have a team this size look after you?? No need to worry if someone is sick or on holidays….we have staff at each of our 5 offices throughout Melbourne every business day of the year. Call – 1300 956 321 – or email us-      


15/06/17: The state of the property at settlement

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Watch our latest informational video on the state of the property at settlement – the cause of a lot of grief at settlement time


14/06/17: The state of the property at settlement

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Check out our latest video on the state of the property at settlement.


13/05/17: End to end conveyancing

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The benefits are undeniable. We all use internet banking, we shop online, we trade shares online, we communicate via email and we use social media. Why don’t we buy, sell and settle our properties online? Read how you can –


04/05/17: Stamp duty changes from 1 July

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The Victorian government has released a raft of measures which will take effect on 1 July (as long as they are passed by Parliament). A previous blog has discussed the main ones but another one has come to light and that it is that spousal transfers of property other than the principal residence (your home) will attract stamp duty from 1 July unless there is a court order. No need to re-invent the wheel so […]


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