23rd of April, 2015: First Class Legal became the first legal firm in Melbourne to complete a property settlement electronically through the new national PEXA system. Read more ››

Superb Property Conveyancing Services in Melbourne

Purchasing or selling a property involves the comprehensive completion of legal and administrative paperwork. Without assistance, transference of ownership from one individual to another may not be completed to the correct legal standards.

A professional conveyancer takes care of a wide range of tasks, including searches, record checks, adjustments, settlements and more. Taking advantage of our professional property conveyancing services in Melbourne can help ensure your transaction is as efficient and stress free as possible.

Whether you are buying or selling, we take care of the process and ensure you understand each step. Throughout the purchasing or sale of a property, a conveyancer will guide you through the contracts, negotiate any changes, liaise with finance representatives and organise the settlement.

Through our high-quality conveyancing services we ensure that all of our clients are aware of what is involved in the process of selling or buying. As these transactions are a binding legal contract, we provide advice and information to ensure each client makes an informed decision prior to signing any legal documents.

Lawyer or a conveyancer?

A lawyer can provide a full range of law related services including wills, powers of attorney, probate, and conveyancing. If you are purchasing a place as an investment property, a lawyer may be able to provide you with advice regarding advantageous business structures in which to hold and manage the dwelling and the rental income. In contrast, a conveyancer can only do the conveyance. We employ both lawyers and conveyancers within the firm, to ensure that should you need them, the full range of legal services are available and at your disposal. With First Class Legal standing beside you as your partner in property, you have peace of mind whether buying or selling.

First Class Service and Expertise

We are one of the leading specialist conveyancing companies in Victoria. Through our years of experience, we have developed a company that consists of both lawyers as well as qualified conveyancers. Our services are available to clients across Melbourne, from the metro to regional areas, we are able to provide efficient property conveyancing solutions.

We have built a reputation for unbeatable professionalism, first rate customer service and effective solutions. To experience a hassle free transference of ownership for your next home, contact the experienced professionals at First Class Legal. Call us on 1300 956 321 to book a consultation time in one of our Melbourne based locations.


August 2015: Our newest office opens at 13 Blackburn Road, Blackburn, VIC 3130. Read more ››

January 2015: First Class Legal is proud to be an early adopter of PEXA. We have been lodging Caveats since October 2014 and, now that full electronic settlements are possible in Victoria, we look forward to being involved in many! Read more ››

September 2014: First Class Conveyancing converts to a law firm known as First Class Legal. First Class Legal is an incorporated legal practice and will offer its clients a full range of property related legal services including conveyancing, wills, powers of attorney, probate. Now more than ever before, First Class Legal is able to offer its clients a superior level of support and customer service in their property transactions. Read more ››